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  • Automatic Cup StackerThis automatic cup stacker is applicable for a wide range of applications, as it boasts no restrictions on cup heights and diameters. It is characterized by high operation speed, low energy consumption, stable operation, and won't generate any pollutant on cups. ...
  • Plastic Cup Lip Curling MachineDesigned based on pneumatic, mechanical and electrical technologies, this plastic cup lip curling machine is able to finish cup feeding, curling, delivering, and stacking at one stoke. It is applicable for lip curling for PVC, PS, PET, and PP cups. ...
  • Offset Printing MachineThe printing speed is adjustable, so the offset printing machine is able to satisfy your different demands.
    It is able to print on curved surfaces, so it is commonly used for printing on plastic cups ...

Plastic Machinery

Plastic machinery is a generic term for all the machines that are used in the industry of plastic sheet processing. For instance, some fluid and solid delivery, separation, grinding and drying equipment also play very important roles in plastic processing industry, so they are generally called plastic machinery.

According to the manufacturing procedure, plastic machinery can be classified into four categories, namely plastic compounding machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastics secondary processing machinery, and plastic processing auxiliary machinery or equipment.
1. Plastic compounding machinery is used in the production of various plastic compounding materials. This type of plastic machinery includes kneading machine, plastic refining machine, dicing cutter, sifting machine, crusher, and grinding equipment, etc.
2. Plastic molding machinery is also called the prime plastic processing machinery which including compression molding machine, injection molding machine, extrusion machine, blow molding machine, calender, and foaming machine, etc. It is designed for producing finished and semi-finished plastic products.
3. The plastic secondary processing equipment is used to the reprocessing of plastic and semi-plastic products. It includes thermoforming machine, bonding machine, heat sealing machine, thermoprinting machine, vacuum evaporator, and printing machine. The metal working machine is also included in plastic machinery category.
4. Plastic processing auxiliary machinery or equipment includes automatic feeding weighing device, waste recovery device, auto mould-changing device, mold cooling device, and automatic thickness measuring device, material delivery equipment, and more.

The perfection degree of the plastic machinery makes a very large influence in the quality, quantity and prime cost of the output plastic products. A good plastic machine should be able to adapt the temperature and physical performance changes of plastic materials, and should have good resistance to chemicals and wearing.
In recent years, the customization of plastic products, the development in engineering plastic, the appearance of composite material, the maximized structure, light weight, and the thin surface of plastic products require the plastic machinery to meet the requirements of unitized, high-speed, energy saving, and automatic in order to improve the efficiency and ensure the quality. The machinery must also be easy to operate and maintain.

Ruian Utop Import & Export Trading Co.,LTD is a professional plastic machinery manufacturer. Our products include plastic extrusion machine, plastic thermoforming machine, automatic cup stacker, plastic cup lip curling machine, and offset printing machine, etc. They are widely used in food package, industrial package, stationery, and electronics industries. We at UTOP provide a complete range of services to better serve our customers. To illustrate, we can offer equipment selection guides, technical support, operator training, equipment maintenance, and online consultation services, etc.
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