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Automatic Thermoforming Machine


Equipped with imported servo motor, rapid mould changing device and mould automatic memory system, automatic thermoforming machine is mainly applied to produce PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET and PLA plastic sheets. All sheets produced by automatic thermoforming machine are ideal materials for all kinds of plastic boxes and other containers like ice-cream cups, milk cups, chocolate package boxes, candy boxes, fast-food boxes etc.

Configurations of automatic thermoforming machine
1. Buffer design is adopted for the width chain holder, so that chain binding malfunction caused by inadequate heating of sheet could be eliminated.

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2. Besides up and down ceramic heater used for heating, automatic thermoforming machine comes with several sets of SSR and PID temperature controllers and automatic stacking system.
3. PLC and humanized color touch screen control operation interface results in simple operation of automatic thermoforming machine.

Technical Parameters of automatic thermoforming machine
Max. Forming Area 680×325mm
Max. Forming Depth 160mm
Sheet Thickness Range 0.2-2.0mm
Max. Forming Speed 10-35cycles/min
Feeding Servo Motor Power 5Kw
Main Motor 11Kw
Plug Servo Motor 11Kw
Stacker Servo Motor 3Kw
Heating Power 120Kw
Overall Dimension 14000x3000x3500mm
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