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  • Plastic Co-extrusion Machinery, HFSJ45-100-700AThe full-automatic and continuous belt-type screen changer can replace the screen without stopping the machine.
    The calender is designed with double water circulation and cooling system. ...
  • Five Layer Plastic Sheet Co-Extrusion LineFive layer plastic sheet co-extrusion line is applicable for producing packing sheet with 5 layers. The five layer of the sheet is made of PP, ADH, EVOH, ADH and PP respectively and is mainly used for packaging food, medicine and cosmetic. What's more, the sheet ...
  • Seven Layer High Barrier Sheet Extrusion LineSeven layer high barrier sheet extrusion line is used to produce packaging sheet with seven layers, which are PP, PP, ADH, EVOH, ADH, SCRAPS, PP plastic sheet respectively. Seven layer high barrier sheet features excellent air-proof and moisture-proof ability, thus it is...

Plastic Extrusion Machinery

Ruian Utop Import & Export Trading Co.,LTD is a well known plastic extrusion machinery manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products are mainly used in the production of PP plastic sheet, PS plastic sheet, PE plastic sheet.

Compared with the similar products on international market, UTOP plastic extrusion machinery has the following advantages.

1. The screw, barrel and screen changer are made of superior alloy steel and the component surfaces are nitriding treated.
2. The full-automatic, continuous screen changer can replace the screen without stopping the plastic extrusion machine.
3. The calender adopts a special dual-helix water cycling system.
4. UTOP plastic extrusion machinery comes with a double station winder that can turn over in 360°.
5. Japan's YASKAWA frequency converter is installed in UTOP plastic extruder.
6. Some of the plastic machinery components are from Schneider Electric.

We have more than 20 years' experience in manufacturing plastic extrusion machinery. We have a group of junior and senior engineers specialized in research and development of not only plastic sheet extruder, but also automatic cup stacker, offset printing machine, and plastic cup making machine, etc. UTOP products have passed the CE Safety Certification and are exported to many countries including Bulgaria, Algeria, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Bengal, Sri Lanka, Greece, and India. They are very popular among our international customers.

Thanks to our strong design and development capability, we are able to manufacture plastic extrusion machinery according to customers' requirement on voltage, and electrical element configuration, etc. We can deliver goods in 45 to 60 days. We accept both T/T and L/C payment.

Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you to contact us, and we promise to offer you quality products and complete service.

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