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BOPS Plastic Thermoforming Machine

This page is constructed to introduce you UTOP BOPS Plastic Thermoforming Machine. This product is widely used in the production of plastic containers, cake plates, trays, bowls, cup lids and various food package materials, etc. So, if you need a thermoforming machine to make food container, cake box, snack box, cookie tray, supermarket tray, injection tray and oral liquid tray, etc. please feel free to contact us.

1. BOPS Plastic Thermoforming Machine, HFTF-2003

Configuration and Feature
1) Microprocessor-based control system (PLC)

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2) Servo motor driven sheet transport system
3) High speed in plastic cup forming
4) This BOPS Plastic Thermoforming Machine uses solid state relay to control the multiple heating zone.
5) High quality lapped spool valves for all control functions
6) Material unwinding and rewinding unit are both available
7) Four toggle systems which located lower on the mould
8) UTOP BOPS Plastic Thermoforming Machinery comes with moving heating plate and unmovable mould.
9) Low air consumption
10) Low maintenance

BOPS Plastic Thermoforming Machine is widely used in the molding of BOPS, HIPS, PVC and PET plastic sheet that can be used to produce boxes, trays, fast food boxes, dishes and lids, etc.

Main technical parameter

Max. Forming Area 510×570mm
Max. Sheet Width 580mm
Max. Forming Depth 100mm
Sheet Thickness Range 0.09-1mm
Max. Dia of Sheet Roll φ710mm
Max Cutting Length 6000mm
Air Pressure 0.7Mpa
Water Consumption 10Liter/min(15~20℃)
Air Consumption 1200Liter/min
Manufacturing Speed 600-1200cycles/min
Power AC380v±15v 3phase four wire
Preheater Power 4kw
Mould Plate Heating 4kw
Heating Plate Power 15kw

2. HFCC-75 High-Speed Puncher

1) The high speed puncher functions to assist plastic thermoforming machine in completing punching and counting functions
2) Precise and quick servo control
3) The eccentric wheel interchanges vertically, featuring high torque and low noise
4) Two stage feeding makes the control of mould number and mould sequence much more convenient.
5) Quick and easy mould changing, PLC and humanized color touch screen makes the machine easy for operation.
This high speed puncher is suitable to punch PP, HIPS, OPS, PLA, PET, PVC, PE, ABS and PSP materials.

We are a professional BOPS Plastic Thermoforming Machine manufacturer in China. We have not only recruited a large number of junior and senior engineers but also established an integrated operating system which combines the functions of design, developing, manufacture, installation, and service together. Due to our advanced technologies and strict quality control system, we are able to ensure that every product we have put into the market is of good quality. In addition, our company implements continuous CQI and TQM that will guarantee our ability to provide you with the excellent plastic extrusion machine, offset printing machine, and automatic cup stacker. If you are in need of these products, please contact us.

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